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Permanent Cosmetics

One of our skilled San Diego plastic surgeons can help you achieve the look of having absolutely flawless make-up all of the time with a permanent cosmetics procedure.

Permanent cosmetics are an increasingly popular option for that beautiful, stylish woman on the go who wants to look her best 100% of the time. There are numerous benefits to a permanent cosmetic procedure including:

Micropigmentation is the medical term for permanent cosmetics or permanent make-up procedures. Similar to the art of tattooing, micropigmentation works by placing droplets of color into the dermis layer of the skin, which results in the appearance of “tattooed makeup.” An increasing number of women are finding that they can get up in the morning and walk out of the door with a simple palate of permanently applied cosmetics, or apply more make up to the already defined areas on their face. The added makeup looks even better because the definition is already present permanently on the face.

Even celebrities like Pamela Anderson have jumped at the chance to have a permanent cosmetics procedure. Contact one of our San Diego plastic surgeons for a consultation today.