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Spider Vein Removal

When we are younger, our veins are largely invisible, but as we age, it is common to notice the appearance of clusters of blue, red and purple veins near the skin’s surface. These “spider veins” are most commonly seen on the legs, but they can appear in other areas of the body as well. If you are ready to take action to remove these creeping, unsightly problems, a San Diego cosmetic doctor can help.

Spider veins can help make you look older and cause you to cover your otherwise beautiful legs. Aside from the self-consciousness, they also can cause physical problems such as aching, swelling, burning and night cramps. This is why many people, even those who are generally against the idea of plastic surgeries recognize the need to have the problematic veins removed through a surgical process called sclerotherapy. During this process, your San Diego cosmetic surgeon will deliver intense pulsed laser light to the veins or inject a chemical compound into them to get them to collapse and fade away.

This process has been a common practice in Europe for many years, but has only recently become popular in clinics across America. Both treatments are largely painless and require no anesthesia, which in turn means they involve minimal risks. In the injection treatments, you may notice a small needle prick and a mild burning sensation, while those who receive laser treatments will only feel the burning sensation. This treatment is permanent on the veins it has been performed on, but it is important to note that you may develop further spider veins elsewhere. If this occurs, your San Diego cosmetic doctor can help you remove these new problem spots as well.

It is important to note that there are two types of veins that become visible with aging, spider veins and varicose veins. While spider veins are mostly a cosmetic problem, varicose veins can cause pain and may be related to more serious vein disorders. While your San Diego cosmetic surgeon may be able to treat varicose veins with the sclerotherapy process, these will often require surgical intervention.